I don’t just act for acting sake, I turn down any role that does not add value and I Act with Passion” – Adedimeji Lateef in recent interview about his Role in AYINLA (Video)

 Yoruba movie star, Lateef Adedimeji, is the lead actor in an eponymous non-biological musical film based on the life and times of the late Àpàlà musician, Ayinla Yusuf, popularly known as Ayinla Omowura, PraizeMedia report.

Adedimeji, 35, has described the role as a high point of his career. In this interview with PREMIUM TIMES, he speaks on his career, the Yoruba movie industry, and why working with Tunde Kelani is a dream come true for him including other industry matters.

When asked, You were brilliant in ‘Ayinla’. What’s more interesting is that you actually looked like the legendary Ayinla Omowura himself. What was it like portraying him in the film?

Lateef said, It was not easy. It was actually very tough because I am not a fan of Apala music. I even hardly listened to Apala music until I got the script. So, when I went through the script and I saw that I’m actually gonna be singing, it was tough.

So, I became a fan and I developed the habit of listening to Apala music. I started listening to all of the songs and there wasn’t any documentation of Ayinla. So all of my characterisation and mannerisms were put together by simply listening to his songs and reading about him.

It was a standard production that required some level of research. I had to go to the area where Ayinla lived, to find our more things about him and all of that. That was how I was able to pull it. The musical part was very tough for me, it was not so easy at all but I’m glad I was able to do it.

It was a dream come true. It makes me feel that when you pray, God truly answers because I’ve always prayed for a ‘waka pass’ (minor role) role in any movie produced by Tunde Kelani. Now, I didn’t just get a part. I got a lead in his movie, not just in anyhow movie but a lead in a movie about a legend.

I think Ayinla is. If you look at it, I’ve featured in a lot of amazing movies but Ayinla was on another level entirely, in a way apart from others.

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